Why Being Cool Only Lasts So Long


As kids, being cool is the most important thing. Getting the admiration and support of your friends can make or break your childhood. Once you grow up, you realize that being cool doesn’t mean sh*t.


Too many people in society have their priorities all wrong. They worry too much about being cool and not enough about their lives. This article is a reality check to all those cool kids.


Here’s why being cool only lasts so long:


Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills 

No matter how cool your friends think you are, they aren’t going to pay your bills for you. When you grow up, you quickly realize it’s the hardest working individuals that are successful instead of the cool guys.












Being Cool Doesn’t Help You Pass Classes

It’s great to be cool, but unfortunately your popularity doesn’t give you an advantage in passing classes. At the end of the day, you have to study to pass your classes. Take the shades off and start studying champ!












Being Cool As An Adult Barely Matters

Ask any adult and they will tell you how long being cool ranks on their list of priorities. As you grow up, things change. Bills, families, jobs, and relationships take a front seat in your life.










Being Cool Won’t Find You Love

It’s great to be cool, but it won’t necessarily find you love. You need more than some swag to win a girls heart. Add some ambition, kindness and romance with your swag and you might win a girl over.