What Wealthy People Keep On Their Bedside Tables


We recently decided to do a survey of 500 people who were in the 1% income bracket. Our point of curiosity was extremely simple. We just wanted to know what wealthy people kept on their bedside tables.


From talking to hundreds of wealthy people in our network, we quickly discovered numerous secrets about their nightlife. In this article, we share what wealthy people keep on their bedside tables:



Is this at all a surprise? Wealthy people keep books on their bedside tables. Not only that, but they read a nice book right before wrapping up their day. They find that they get the most out of life when they unwind in a book after a long day.


While most poor people tend to read for entertainment, wealthy people were reading for the following reasons:

  • More Knowledge
  • New Opportunities
  • Research
  • Productivity
  • Improving Themselves



Believe it or not, the second most popular item on the bedside table was a tablet. However, these wealthy people weren’t playing Angry Birds or checking out the latest gossip on the Kardashians.


They were using their tablets for reading books, watching courses and studying articles on the internet. Wealthy people said this is what they used right before bed or on nights where they couldn’t fall asleep right away.



The third most popular answer of all was absolutely nothing. Aside from a bottle of water or something they needed in the night, many wealthy people kept their bedside tables absolutely empty. They treat their bedrooms as a sanctuary and refuse to mix work in with pleasure.


They use that time to either spend time with family, friends or loved ones. They tend to not think of work at all and use it as a time to relax and unwind before getting back into it the next morning.



In this article, we shared what wealthy people keep on their bedside tables. What do you have on your bedside table? Feel free to engage in the discussion below!