BREAKING: Experimenting Teen Finds Vulnerability In TweetDeck Causing Outage



TweetDeck’s whole service was brought down for a few hours earlier today. The issues seem to have occurred as a result of a simple accident caused by a teenager who was experimenting.


At 8:05 (EDT), the Twitter account @FiroXL tweeted out: “Some simple tags including a heart symbol and the German phrase that means, I wonder if this will actually work…” Turns out, it did end up working and he caused the vulnerability scare for TweetDeck. @FiroXL wasn’t really aware of the vulnerability caused initially, but he stumbled back upon it this morning.


The account belongs to an Austrian who goes by the name of Florian. He is said to be 19 years old and his Twitter account had less than 100 followers when the incident occurred. While his involvement in the case isn’t confirmed, it seems that he has some sort of connection to the incident. It has also been said that he reported it publicly by tweeting directly @TweetDeck to alert them about the mishap.


We will continue reporting any information and news we have as the story continues to develop. It has also been said that he has responded to publications saying, “This was just an accident. I didn’t want to make this public or do anything bad.”