Do you have an amazing tech or business idea? Do you need money and/or experience to help develop and grow this?

Visionary Media Group would love to join your team to help turn your visions into realities. We work with startups, entrepreneurs and change-makers from all over the world providing them the resources necessary to help them become successful.


If you do not meet the following requirements, please do not contact us.

  • Must be willing to share idea (we do not sign NDA’s).
  • Must be committed to your business.
  • Must be looking for investment (no loans).
  • Must be LEGAL.

Here are some of the things we typically prefer however we are open to everything that may come our way.

  • Early Stage Companies
  • Validated Ideas
  • Complete Teams
  • Plan For Future
Contact Us

If you have an investment opportunity that you would like to discuss with one of our team members, please fill out the form.