How To Spend Your First $1 Million Dollars Like A Baller


Young entrepreneurs at some point have all thought of the most fun way of spending their first million dollars. While it’s highly not recommended, it’s really fun to think about.


Recently, our team got together and reached out to hundreds of young entrepreneurs around the world. Without thinking of financial prudency, we asked them what wild things they would do to spend their first million dollars.


We collaborated these answers by choosing the most common responses and putting it in this blog article. Without further ado, here’s how to spend your first $1 million dollars like a baller:


Buy An Exotic 








Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis and all other beautiful exotic cars came up first. Most people thought the best way to spend 40-50% of your million dollars than on a fast car that would turn heads. The thrill of driving these vehicles combined with the power you hold is definitely worth the experience.


Estimated Cost: $100,000 – $500,000


House With A View








Now that you got a car, you need a nice a** garage to park that baby in. What better way than to get a nice house with a view? If you need a pad for some lovemaking or a dope spot to relax, this is where you buy a condo.


Estimated Cost: $250,000 – $400,000


Make It Rain At The Club









Leave your city and head to Las Vegas with a group of your closest friends. By the way, rent a private jet so the experience is truly memorable. Find the best club in Las Vegas and go HAM. Order bottle service and make it rain with money.


Estimated Cost: $25,000


Hit The Casino









While you’re in Las Vegas, you HAVE to hit the casinos. Do you want to play some poker with the top players in the game? How about blackjack at the high rollers table? Whatever your gambling passion, you can have a lot of fun if you raise the stakes.


Estimated Cost: $50,000


Shopping Spree







Since you made a million dollars, you get to treat yourself. Go to the most lavish shopping mall and go on a shopping spree. Buy jewelry, clothes, watches, cologne, and just about anything that will elevate your look. Buy some fancy suits too because class still exists.


Estimated Cost: $25,000


Hit The City










Courtside Laker tickets? No problem. Front row at the next Drake concert? No problem. Treat yourself like a VIP and hit the city with some friends. Ball out and hang with some other ballers.


Estimated Cost: $10,000


Fine Dining










The food is probably going to suck, but who cares. Find the fanciest and most expensive restaurant in your area and order as much food as you want. Take a beautiful model as your date and splurge!


Estimated Cost: $1,000


Pay Your Crush To Go On A Date









Okay, we’ve all heard the story about the rich baller who pays some celebrity or model to go on a date with them. It’s not sad; it’s actually really romantic. Here’s your chance to call out your biggest crush and ask them to do the same thing. Just remember, a night with the woman/man of your dreams is priceless.


Estimated Cost: $50,000



What’s the most ridiculous way you would spend a million dollars? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.