How To Kick Ass As An Entrepreneur In College


Even though I started my first business in high school, college would have probably been a better time. As of late, the number of college students pursuing entrepreneurship has been dramatically increasing.


With shows like Shark Tank and entrepreneurship finally getting coverage in the media, it’s no surprise that collegiate entrepreneurs have a new found inspiration.


In this article, we share a few tips on how to kick ass as an entrepreneur in college:


Use Your Time Wisely

College students spend less time in class than high school students do. Instead of goofing off with your friends, use that time valuably. Focus on your long-term goals instead of getting lost in short-term fun.


Your future self will be a lot more happy that you passed up a couple of fun times to work on your own business. Life isn’t about being cool all the time. It’s more about doing meaningful shit!










Find Mentors 

College is a great time to find mentors. Most successful individuals don’t feel threatened by you since your young and are more willing to take you under their wing.


Smart people learn from their mistakes while wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Find someone you want to become and learn from them. Use their help to start your own businesses and be successful.











Leverage Your Age

 Being an entrepreneur in college is sexy. Use it to your advantage. Media outlets, newspapers and investors are constantly covering stories about other young entrepreneurs.


Once you build your business, you can get yourself in by simply leveraging your age. Don’t shy away from the fact that you’re young because it can help you a LOT.












Hire Your Smart Friends

College is great because you have a pool of resources readily available for you. A business needs a variety of different positions to be filled in order to achieve success.


By networking in college with other students and professors, you can fill in the missing pieces for your business. Dorm startups are an extremely popular phenomenon and there’s good reason for it.













Take Risks

The best part about being a college entrepreneur is that you have room to take risks. Your responsibilities should be as limited as they ever will be, which gives you the ability to take chances.


In order to reap the big rewards, you have to take the big risks. Successful entrepreneurs have all taken a big risk at some point. It’s a lot easier to shoot for the moon when you can take risks.