What Wealthy People Keep On Their Bedside Tables

We recently decided to do a survey of 500 people who were in the 1% income bracket. Our point of curiosity was extremely simple. We just wanted to know what wealthy people kept on their bedside tables.


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5 College Degrees That Produce The Most Millionaires

People are always infatuated with the idea of becoming a millionaire. While there is no definitive guide on becoming a millionaire, there are a lot of similarities that millionaires across the world share.


We understand a lot about what it takes to become a millionaire in this world. From our own work and engaging with others in our network, we are constantly given insider access behind the minds of millionaires.


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Why You Should Travel In Your 20′s

Traveling is one of the greatest things that you can do, especially in your 20′s. Not only do you get to create memories that will last a lifetime, but you get to experience things you never thought were possible before.

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How To Spend Your First $1 Million Dollars Like A Baller

Young entrepreneurs at some point have all thought of the most fun way of spending their first million dollars. While it’s highly not recommended, it’s really fun to think about.


Recently, our team got together and reached out to hundreds of young entrepreneurs around the world. Without thinking of financial prudency, we asked them what wild things they would do to spend their first million dollars.


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7 Dangerous Signs You Need To Change Your Life

Breaking News! People everywhere are getting comfortable and settling for MUCH LESS than satisfaction in their daily lives. Are you one of the people who have put your dreams, goals, passions, and aspirations on hold to live a mediocre and comfortable life instead? Find out now!

Here are 7 dangerous signs you need to change your life!

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Why Being Cool Only Lasts So Long

As kids, being cool is the most important thing. Getting the admiration and support of your friends can make or break your childhood. Once you grow up, you realize that being cool doesn’t mean sh*t.


Too many people in society have their priorities all wrong. They worry too much about being cool and not enough about their lives. This article is a reality check to all those cool kids.


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8 Tips For Waking up Early and Owning the Morning

Waking up early can be tough. Most of us are too familiar with the snooze button on our alarms. Most of us forget that time is one of our most valuable commodities. Spilled milk? Buy a new carton. Lose some money in the market? Make more money. Wasted an hour? Buy… oh wait, you can’t buy more time! Everyone gets 24 hours a day; make them count!

Here are 8 great tips For waking up early and owning the morning!

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