8 Business Lessons From Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad was one of my favorite shows when it was out. The drama, storyline and impact of this show got me hooked. I went through the first 5 seasons of it within a month.


After I was all caught up, I desperately awaited the anxious ending to this series. Today, this series is over but it still fresh in my mind. This was one of the greatest television shows I have ever watched.


Through the experiences of Jesse, Walter and Hank, the show taught me a lot about business and life. Here are 8 badass business lessons you can learn from Breaking Bad:


  1. Love What You Do 

Walter White loved the thrill, fame and creativity he got to express in the meth labs. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing drugs or running a business, you got to love what you to do be successful. If he hated cooking meth, he would have been dead seasons ago because he wouldn’t have survived.


  1. Team Up

Real talk, Jesse seemed like a bum but he did come through when needed. Gus and Mike were manipulative, but they did offer a lot of money and protection to Walter when he needed it. Walter quickly realized he couldn’t survive alone and he did so well because of his team.


  1. It’s Never Easy

When Jesse and Walter began their meth business, they thought this would be easy. They quickly realized how unrealistic it was. They faced numerous obstacles and barriers, which they had to work around. Nothing in life is easy – be prepared to adjust.


  1. Negotiate Everything

Jesse was a bit of a p*ssy, but Walter always laid down the law. He was keen on negotiating everything even when it came to his life. In business, everything is negotiable. You can’t just expect to rollover at the first offer someone throws at you.


  1. Start With What You Know

Walter White was a chemistry teacher. He probably wouldn’t have gotten into the meth business unless he was passionate about it. Chemistry was something he loved doing and cooking meth allowed him to utilize his skills.


  1. Greed Kills 

Walter had enough money for his grandchildren, but he couldn’t stop. His obsession for money became dangerous to him and his family. If he stopped once he had just enough money to support his family through thick and thin, he may have saved himself. In business, don’t let greed rule you.


  1. Diversify Your Investments 

Gus was a smart man. You wouldn’t expect it, but he was the king pin of one of the biggest drug dealing businesses in New Mexico. However, he didn’t rely solely on the drug dealing business to support him. He owned a Chicken franchise and was very smart with his investments. In business, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


  1. Build A Brand – Then You Can Really Charge For It 

Fakers came and went, but it was evident that one product was superior to the rest. Walter White’s crystal meth was purer and better than all the other products in the market. No matter who tried entering the market, they would fail because people fell in love with Walter’s product. In business, build a brand people love and then you can really charge a premium for it. Just look at Apple and how much money they make on basic items!