7 Dangerous Signs You Need To Change Your Life


Breaking News! People everywhere are getting comfortable and settling for MUCH LESS than satisfaction in their daily lives. Are you one of the people who have put your dreams, goals, passions, and aspirations on hold to live a mediocre and comfortable life instead? Find out now!

Here are 7 dangerous signs you need to change your life!

  1. You Dread Waking Up

This probably sounds like something normal, something everyone experiences because no one is a morning person. FALSE! This is the first sign that your life needs a change. If you hit the snooze constantly and cannot get yourself out of bed, it means you aren’t living the life you want – change it.


  1. You Are Often Distracted

Why do people get distracted? It is because they are bored and uninterested. If are constantly getting distracted, it is time to find something that actually captures your interest and excites you.


  1. You Envy Others

“Wow, I wish I drove a BMW.” 

“Damn, that is one nice house. Too bad I’ll never be able to afford it like him.”

“She’s so lucky she has….”

If you are constantly wishing for something someone else has, you need to make an immediate change in your life. First, be grateful for what you have. Second, go get what you want! The only thing standing in between you and what you want is yourself. 


  1. You’re a Hater

Are you always pointing out other peoples’ flaws? Are you always judging or discrediting people for their achievements? Then YOU, my friend, need to take a good look in the mirror. Instead of focusing on others, focus on your own problems and start solving them. Don’t be a hater, be an innovator.


  1. You Watch TV, Surf the Internet, and/or Play Games ALL DAY

Life is very short and time is limited. Do you want to be remembered for your high statute on Farmville or do you want to contribute to society. There are 7.046 billion people on the Earth, but there is only ONE of you. Get off the couch and make a difference; make something of yourself so one day you can look back and say I didn’t waste any time and I have no regrets.


  1. You Never Take Risks

Risks are just that, risky. However, playing it safe is just as dangerous. The problem with never taking is risk is that you will never experience anything new. Playing it safe may allow you to lead a simple and comfortable life, but adding some risk will allow you to live a more rewarding life.


  1. You Quit

Finally, if you notice that you are incapable of finishing anything, it is time for a change. The road to success is filled with obstacles and failure. Once you realize that failure is temporary, you can learn from mistakes and become wiser. When things get tough, DO NOT QUIT! Suck it up and work hard because nothing worth having comes easy.

Take a look at your life. Are you truly happy with the way things are? If not, take a risk and make a change. The worst thing that can happen is that you will learn from your mistakes.