5 People Who Were Fired Before Gaining Wealth, Power, and Fame


Many people today see getting fired as a negative event. However, for these tycoons, getting fired was the best thing that happened to them. Check out these 5 people who were fired before gaining wealth, power, and fame.

“I just got fired!”

Many people don’t follow that statement by popping a bottle of Dom Perignon. This article will reveal how the wealthiest people we know were given the boot before making it to the big leagues.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah used to be an evening news reporter until her boss fired her for being too emotional. After getting the boot, Oprah was demoted to daytime television which was truly a blessing in disguise. Oprah’s talk show gained massive popularity which helped her reach the success and wealth she has today.

Net worth: $2.9 billion


Walt Disney

Walt Disney wasn’t always the icon he is today. Back in the early 1900′s, Disney’s editor fired him for lacking imagination and good ideas. Despite what his editor said, Walt Disney kept throwing out ideas until one stuck. Needless to say, he succeeded.

Net worth: $5 billion


J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling is the beloved author behind the world famous Harry Potter series. Although, she wasn’t always a hit. Back when she worked as a secretary, she got the boot after being caught daydreaming. This amazing woman is proof that you should never give up on your daydreams.

Net worth: $1 billion


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs got the boot from Apple. Yes, Apple, the company he created himself. Rather than giving up, Jobs kept innovating which eventually resulted in his return to Apple. If he gave up, we wouldn’t have iPhones, iPods, Macs, or iPads.

Net worth: $5.1 billion



Madonna is an icon in the music industry, she is a pop legend. However, there was a time when she got fired from being a waitress (she covered a customer in jelly… on purpose). Madonna believed that even if she failed at one thing, she could still succeed elsewhere. That’s how the queen of pop was born.

Net worth: $1 billion



In this article, we shared what wealthy, powerful, and famous people went through before making it big. Always remember, when one door closes a window opens. You just have to go towards it. Share and comment below with what obstacles you have overcome before reaching success!