5 Motivational Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Us


Steve Jobs is a legend. During his lifetime he created immense value by being innovative, open minded and intelligent. By following what he was passionate about, electronics and design, Jobs was able to create a revolutionary empire and irreplaceable brand, Apple. 


Although Apple is a huge success today, Jobs’ journey to success was a rough one. Everyone encounters adversity, but what makes Steve Jobs different? What makes him an icon in today’s society? Even though Steve Jobs is not with us today, he left behind a story we can all learn from.


Here are the top 5 motivational lessons that Steve Jobs taught us:


Pursue What You Are Passionate About

Steve Jobs did not always know he wanted to be an entrepreneur, a multibillionaire, an innovator, an investor, or a computer genius. He knew he was smart, but he didn’t have a specific path in mind.


However, when he discovered his passion for computers and design, he took advantage of it. He combined his passion with his drive and took pursuit! Rather than working on computers on the side, he down in head first. He wholeheartedly followed his passion and continued doing what he loved until his dying day.


He was an extremely successful individual not because he got lucky but because he devoted himself to his passion and never gave up. Remember if you are passionate about what you’re doing, you will never work a day in your life.


Quality is King

One of Steve Job’s biggest beliefs was that quality is king. The phrase may seem obvious, but it was one of the reasons for Job’s success. 


Many companies that control a market release mediocre products because they know that, no matter what, their consumers will be forced to purchase the product anyway. Steve Jobs’ believed that the people deserved better – the people deserved to be exposed to high quality products and services.


It is with that mindset that Steve Jobs introduced products of a high caliber and dominated his market. He did not focus on himself; he focused on the people and creating value for them.


Risks Are What Spur Innovation

Steve Jobs was a curious man, an innovator and a born risk taker. When he believed in something, he would go after it no questions asked. That is not to say that he did not take the time to think out his decisions wisely.


Every risk Steve Jobs took was calculated. His success would have been impossible if he did not follow his gut and take the risks he did. The major role Jobs played at Apple was being an innovator – a pusher who would settle for nothing less than perfection. When he was thrown out of the company, Apple died because they lacked the ability to innovate.


Risks can be scary and obviously, risky. However, when you are about take a risk, carefully weigh the pros and cons so you can make the best decision possible. Without taking risks, being curious, and experimentation, we can never move forward. 


Never Give Up

After investing his time, money and effort into Apple, Steve Jobs was ostracized from his own company. His board claimed that he was a hazard to the success of Apple and that his presence would only make the company suffer. Eventually, he resigned from his position at Apple. 

Rather than being bitter and giving up on his dreams, Jobs continued chasing his goals and founded NeXT Inc., a computer hardware firm. The company was acquired by Apple for a total of $429 million in cold hard cash. As a result, Jobs was back in action at Apple now holding 1.5 million shares of the company.


If Steve Jobs had given up when he was first booted from Apple, he would have never created another software company that eventually led back to his role in Apple. When things get difficult, it is easy to give up. Remember that obstacles are not meant to hurt you; instead, they are meant to challenge you and make you stronger.


Stay Focused Through the Storm

It is easy to fall apart, get discouraged and want to give up. When those feelings arise and you want to quit, DON’T. 


Steve Jobs was renowned for being focused and never EVER giving up. When things got tough, when he rejoined Apple when it was a sinking ship, Jobs did not panic. He stayed cool, calm and collected as usual.


His calm persona allowed him to stay focus and do what was necessary to save Apple and restore it to its former glory. When things get difficult, do not panic. Choose to stay focused and create solutions!