5 College Degrees That Produce The Most Millionaires


People are always infatuated with the idea of becoming a millionaire. While there is no definitive guide on becoming a millionaire, there are a lot of similarities that millionaires across the world share.


We understand a lot about what it takes to become a millionaire in this world. From our own work and engaging with others in our network, we are constantly given insider access behind the minds of millionaires.


A recent survey came out sharing what college degrees ended up producing the most millionaires. In this article, we share the 5 college degrees that produce the most millionaires:


Note: Even though millionaires have these degrees, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they earned their millions of dollars in that specific field, industry or profession. 


#1 Bachelor’s in Engineering 

According to studies from WealthInsight, a bachelor’s degree in engineering has produced the largest number of millionaires throughout the world. Engineers are accredited with making the world a far better place with the help of their innovations and ideas.


Engineering in recent years has become a very popular declared study choice among high school graduates. More and more high school graduates are applying to colleges around the nation as engineering majors.


#2 Master in Business Administration (MBA)

It’s no surprise that MBA’s rank as one of the highest degrees that produce millionaires worldwide. The whole idea of business revolves around making money and creating wealth.


Not only that, but the WealthInsight study shows that the top graduate degree amongst millionaires is also the MBA. While many entrepreneurs dislike the idea of getting an MBA, the statistics do show that a large amount of people become millionaires after graduate school.


#3 Bachelor’s in Economics

Economics majors come in third within the WealthInsight study from last year. These majors tend to make great millionaires. Degrees in Econ are very practical and sustainable ones that can help you build a very successful career.


If you enjoy learning about services within our economy and how the trade of goods work, this is a great degree for you. Most graduates obtain this degree within 4 years and tend to use for most of their life.


#4 Juris Doctor in Law 

With the costs of legal services increasing every year, it’s no surprise that this ranks #4 on the list. If you enjoy learning about and practicing the legal system, getting a degree in law can be very rewarding for you.


Students that graduate from law school tend to make a large salary as soon as they enter the job force. Not only that, but this is a very sustainable career that will last a very long time.


#5 Bachelor’s in Business Administration

To cap off the list, it’s no surprise that another business degree sneaks in. Getting a bachelor’s in business administration helps you learn the fundamentals of business.


People that pursue a degree in Business Administration tend to be very driven and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, it is no surprise that many of these graduates end up earning millions of dollars after college.