12 Tips for Waking Up Motivated Every Morning

Getting yourself out of bed and into the world can be challenging if you aren’t properly motivated. Instead of struggling to force yourself to get up, check out these 12 tips for waking up motivated every morning!


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5 Awesome TED Talks That Will Get You Off Your Ass

TED.com is one of the best platforms available on the online and it’s completely free. If you have a few minutes of time, it’s a great source to get a ton of brilliant short lectures from highly successful people.


You can get lectures in many different areas including business, design, entertainment, science, technology and others. The whole model behind TED talks is that you’ll be learning about an idea that is worth spreading.


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How To Spend Your First $1 Million Dollars Like A Baller

Young entrepreneurs at some point have all thought of the most fun way of spending their first million dollars. While it’s highly not recommended, it’s really fun to think about.


Recently, our team got together and reached out to hundreds of young entrepreneurs around the world. Without thinking of financial prudency, we asked them what wild things they would do to spend their first million dollars.


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8 Business Lessons From Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was one of my favorite shows when it was out. The drama, storyline and impact of this show got me hooked. I went through the first 5 seasons of it within a month.


After I was all caught up, I desperately awaited the anxious ending to this series. Today, this series is over but it still fresh in my mind. This was one of the greatest television shows I have ever watched.

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