How To Kick Ass As An Entrepreneur In College

Even though I started my first business in high school, college would have probably been a better time. As of late, the number of college students pursuing entrepreneurship has been dramatically increasing.


With shows like Shark Tank and entrepreneurship finally getting coverage in the media, it’s no surprise that collegiate entrepreneurs have a new found inspiration.


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7 Dangerous Signs You Need To Change Your Life

Breaking News! People everywhere are getting comfortable and settling for MUCH LESS than satisfaction in their daily lives. Are you one of the people who have put your dreams, goals, passions, and aspirations on hold to live a mediocre and comfortable life instead? Find out now!

Here are 7 dangerous signs you need to change your life!

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Why Being Cool Only Lasts So Long

As kids, being cool is the most important thing. Getting the admiration and support of your friends can make or break your childhood. Once you grow up, you realize that being cool doesn’t mean sh*t.


Too many people in society have their priorities all wrong. They worry too much about being cool and not enough about their lives. This article is a reality check to all those cool kids.


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5 Motivational Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Us

Steve Jobs is a legend. During his lifetime he created immense value by being innovative, open minded and intelligent. By following what he was passionate about, electronics and design, Jobs was able to create a revolutionary empire and irreplaceable brand, Apple. 


Although Apple is a huge success today, Jobs’ journey to success was a rough one. Everyone encounters adversity, but what makes Steve Jobs different? What makes him an icon in today’s society? Even though Steve Jobs is not with us today, he left behind a story we can all learn from.


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5 Lessons From Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

As of late, Shark Tank has become one of the most popular shows on television. Before the last few years, entrepreneurship wasn’t a topic highlighted much through media so it’s great to see people getting a first-hand perspective of it.


Whether you own a business or not, you can learn a lot about entrepreneurship from watching Shark Tank. From the catfights to the considerably stupid pitches, Shark Tank has a lot of moments that put entrepreneurship in a negative light.

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8 Tips For Waking up Early and Owning the Morning

Waking up early can be tough. Most of us are too familiar with the snooze button on our alarms. Most of us forget that time is one of our most valuable commodities. Spilled milk? Buy a new carton. Lose some money in the market? Make more money. Wasted an hour? Buy… oh wait, you can’t buy more time! Everyone gets 24 hours a day; make them count!

Here are 8 great tips For waking up early and owning the morning!

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