12 Tips for Waking Up Motivated Every Morning


Getting yourself out of bed and into the world can be challenging if you aren’t properly motivated. Instead of struggling to force yourself to get up, check out these 12 tips for waking up motivated every morning!


  1. Surround Yourself With Your Goals

Fill your bedroom with anything that reminds you of your goals. If you want to be a musician, plaster your walls with posters of your idols. If you want to get in shape, stick images of the body you want all over your walls.

This way, whenever you fall asleep and wake up, you will be reminded of your goals and what it is you are working towards.


  1. Have a Plan

It is great to have dreams and aspirations, but they are meaningless unless you create a plan to make them into reality. In addition to making note of your goals, create a plan on how you will make those goals happen.

Map out a precise schedule for yourself and include mini-goals. For example, if you want to make $1000 make note of what you will need to accomplish every hour or every day in order to achieve that goal.

  1. Hold Yourself Accountable

When you know you have something to lose, you automatically become more motivated. After you have your goals, mini-goals, and the plan to achieve them set up, create some consequences for yourself if you do not meet those goals.

If you were supposed to run 3 miles on Monday but you ended up walking half of it, find a way to hold yourself accountable. You can either add the miles you didn’t run to another day OR you can skip out on something you find enjoyable. “Because I didn’t run that mile, I won’t be getting Yogurtland this week.”


  1. Reward Yourself

In addition to holding yourself accountable, you will want to set up rewards for yourself. When you wake up and know that a reward is in your reach, you will be more motivated to get up and claim that reward!

For each goal or mini-goal, set up some rewards for yourself!


  1. Visualize Your Desires

Sometimes it’s hard to open your eyes in the morning. When you are struggling to get those eyes to open, wake your brain up first. Visualize your goals, dreams, and rewards. Visualize whatever it is that you desire.

Remind yourself that you can do anything and achieve anything you want IF you wake up, get up and work for it!

  1. Get a Support Network

Find like-minded people that share your goals or are also trying to get motivated. Surround yourself with these positive people and help motivate each other.

Whether it is a daily message, a Facebook post, or a phone call, find a way to get each other pumped about accomplishing your goals!


  1. Make Note of Your Accomplishments

Sometimes it is easy to get down on yourself and be a bit of a pessimist. When these moments arise, remind yourself of all the goals you have already achieved. Don’t be modest here – make note of everything you have done that you take pride in.

This will help you see the glass half full and remind you that you are capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to!

  1. Find Your Passion

Find something that excites you. Find something that, when you think about it, you get a great big grin on your face. Whether it is winning a game, making a million dollars, saving lives, or dancing, find what excites you and think about it every night and every morning.

Remind yourself of the things that make you happy. Then, wake up and go experience them!

  1. Let Pressure Push on You

No one likes to feel like a quitter – especially when other people are watching.

  1. Look Good

It is a proven fact that looking good boosts your confidence. Confidence, in turn, will greatly increase your level of motivation.

Dress for success. Wear whatever makes you feel like a BOSS! Once you feel like a boss, go be a boss and achieve your goals.

  1. Brighten up Your Environment

Is your room a dark and messy cave? If it is, it is definitely hurting you level of motivation! Let some light into your room and remove the clutter and chaos from your room. Having a welcoming environment to wake up to will help you open your eyes and conquer the day.

  1. Problems to Solutions

It’s easy to complain about every obstacle and problem you encounter, but it is better to figure out a creative solution. Odds are that you aren’t the only one suffering with a certain dilemma. Becoming a problem solver rather than a problem pointer outer will help keep you motivated because you will be:

  1. Solving a problem for yourself.
  2. Helping others solve the same problem.

After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?